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Do you feel like there is a part of yourself that is completely empty waiting to be filled with something? We all have a part of us to be nourished, not just with food, but our spirit also requires something of the spirit.

No doubt when our country and culture are attacked, we have a band of soldiers and military to fight for us. And when we are attacked with a virus, the medical teams, the scientists and the researchers will do all their best to bring about a solution. But when we are attacked by any bad energies, we have to discover and build-up a defense to protect ourselves. We need to spread this defense and this protection that is available for all of us, from any forces of evil or negative energy that keep bringing us down, whether emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

We are not a formal organization nor an association, but an arrangement of a few individuals coming together and putting our hand to this great venture solely depending on the help of people to spread our mission.

Any help will go a thousand miles to make a difference in the life of those who need a special blessing in the world and to protect them from everything.

"Here is Your Mother..."

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