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Iya, Grade 6/5

Math is kinda stressful to me but sometimes I like to imagine her coming up to me and to encouraging me to not be stressed out and be confident to ask for help.

Claire, Grade 6/5

Her Presence is really calming and I feel really hopeful. 

John, Grade 6/5 

..Sometimes, I imagine Mother Mary watching over us. Also sometimes I think my Mom is Mary.

Mika, Grade 6/5

Maybe Mary is watching me from heaven? Who knows! All that I know is that Mary is protecting me with all her love and effort.

Anonymous, Grade 6/5

Mary is important because she is an infinite lover to everyone in the entirety of this large world, we will never forget her and she will never forget us.

Faith, Grade 6/5

I feel closer to Mary. I know that Mary will guide me.

"Here is Your Mother..."

HEREisYourMother Transparent.jpg
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