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We all believe in a higher and a bigger supernatural power, no doubt. But a lot of times although we may believe and have faith in this power, we may still feel lost, broken or shattered because although we believe, it has become only the exercise of our mind and not of our heart, not as part of our lives. When we fail to truly believe in the supernatural power, we could be feeling uneasy and may feel like missing something.
When we lose the connection with this Higher Power, it may lead us to moments of shattered-ness, brokenness, sadness, confusion and uneasiness, because we have lost a part of ourselves. Spirit too is part of our whole self - we are not just made up of 'only' a physical body which we can sense and feel. Perhaps, we have a great faith deep within us but subconsciously, we have fallen into the lie that knowledge is more important than the spirit-life or the spiritual life.
Maybe we learned all we could about science, and about the knowledge of this world which we feel are so much required and necessary. Sometimes, people around us may think or believe that if we are intelligent, then we cannot believe in God or we do not need to believe in God, and that only the poor and the unintelligent are in need of God. But this cannot be true. Since apart from the bones and flesh, there is also a spiritual part inside us, it requires to be nourished as we do with our physical body with food and vitamins. There is a kind of a special spirit-nourishment that can only come from the Higher Power which some of us may call God. Our 'wholistic self' requires a refill of that nourishment daily and throughout the day to stand against all that can drain our spirit in different circumstances and situations.
Trusting and truly believing in this power is so vital because without it, we may feel incomplete. This power is not based on another planet, but it is based within us, in us and all around us. That is why we are here to inspire you to build up that connection with the Higher and Bigger Power.

Sure thing, many of us remember the story of David and Goliath.
David, a little guy, went to fight against the experienced warrior giant. He said to the giant Goliath, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God..." So, it is not only the skills of David that helped him to defeat Goliath, but as he expresses and reveals, that, it is the power of God that was present in him. Although we may credit his victory to his "slinging-stone skills," the truth is… everything comes from God. And, all credit goes to God for David’s victory - which could be our victory as well in our daily lives. Our successes and victories would not have come if they were not for God’s hand and His all protective help including His 24/7 guidance for us when we truly desire it. 
Whether it is through some angels or spirits or through some unseen positive forces, it is God, Himself, who gives us His hand to fight against all that is evil and bad that is working against us.

Proven with so many people and understood to be the greatest weapon against all evil powers and evil forces we can possibly think of, we wish to present before you the beads which have the power. It can be a secret tool and a powerful weapon that make us invincible amidst all the doubts, negative thoughts, anxieties and fears inside us, and the evil forces that are working within us and around us.

These beads are there to help you to have those brave and tough moments in your life. Keep them - whether in your pockets, under your pillow, at your work-desk, on your wall, hanging in your car or in whatever manner you feel the need. But, only be aware that these beads are going to connect you to the greatest power that is there to protect you.  There is a Mother given us no matter who we are and what faith we belong to, or whether we hold any institutional faith or not. We all have the freedom to worship God in our own way (or choose which religion we want to belong to).

Her love towards us can never fail, and she has given us this protection against any harm that can come in our life - seen or unseen.

"Here is Your Mother..."

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