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"A thousand thousands served him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him."

**Daniel 7.10: “Thousand thousands served him and ten thousand times ten thousand stood attending him,” (10k x 10k = 100 million! This is not counting the 1000 1000s mentioned).
Hebrews 12.22 will say “an innumerable company of Angels.”
Revelation 5.11 will have “Ten thousand times ten thousand and thousand thousands.”
This is not to quote a particular number of those who are attending or worshipping him, but it is to make us aware of the overwhelming number.

If this many spiritual beings are attending Him, how many times do I neglect this powerful God and His greatness just because I have a little power of intelligence to know and understand something in my life, although in reality, it is only a little bit of knowledge within the bigger universe of a 100+ billion galaxies? Our knowledge, although little, surely cannot be denied in our current world with all the scientific and technological advancement.

But with a simple unseen virus that has conquered the world for more than two years now, killing MILLIONS of people and affecting billions today, it still continues to be difficult for us to understand and know a little unseen virus in its totality. Maybe the present circumstances will make us aware of the limitations of the power of human beings when we saw during the pandemic that although we had planes and jets, we were not able to fly.

We may have conquered and advanced a lot, but there is a lot that is beyond our comprehension, not just of the things that are visible and unseen, but of things that are invisible and spiritual (of the spirit). In order to seek protection from beyond our physical forces, we need to understand and accept our littleness sometimes. Recognizing our own limited intelligence (although we may have it in abundance), ...only when we submit ourselves to the Greater Power prevailing our entire universe, then the Power starts working in us combining our skills and abilities with the Spiritual Forces pervading through the billions of galaxies.

**God has kept Himself so much open, free, and available. But, at the same time, He has also kept Himself hidden and He reveals Himself only to those who really crave for Him - peeling off the different layers of blocks that we have built around us and our thinking, so that we can find Him in our innermost core. Not that He is only there above and beyond our body, but He can be found deep within ourselves.

**For some of us, it can be difficult to turn back to having faith in the things beyond what we can see, because we think we have done too many 'wrong' things or that we are not living in accordance with "church rules." It does not matter. When a little child fails and does something wrong, a mother will surely continue to see the child with all her love and compassion. Likewise, we have a mother that is given us who can love us, care for us and protect us more than our loved ones. She will work it all out for you. All you have to do is just ask and trust her. You do not have to be Catholic to have some prayer beads in your hands and pray with her. 
From the Cross, Jesus said, “here is your Mother” (John 19:27). So, we have a tremendous gift of a Mother that we can turn to in times of trouble. 

If we turn to her in confidence and ask for her help, she will help us, guide us, and protect us like any other mother would do for a little child. One step at a time, one day at a time and one prayer at time. In the midst of the difficulties that surround us, let us remember that we have an amiable and loveable mother who cares and loves us so much, who is ready to present our problems before God. 

"Here is Your Mother..."

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