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With the different things that we hear and see or that we have experienced with different religions and faith groups, there is every possibility that our whole self gets repelled to the word "religion" or to the different faith groups that we have in the world. We do not wish to hear the word “faith” or “religion” any more in our lives.
Some people who lead the different religions or the different faith groups may fail at different times, but this is not to say that God fails. Our repelling comes most from the experience we had with people and in some cases with our experience with God too. Human Beings are different and God is completely different. If God is failing, then we cannot call God as "God". Our understanding of God may very well be projected towards Him from the experience we have from human beings.

Proven with so many people and understood to be the greatest weapon against all evil powers and evil forces we can possibly think of, we wish to present before you the beads which have the power. It can be a secret tool and a powerful weapon.

These beads are there to help you to have those brave and tough moments in your life. Keep them - whether in your pockets, under your pillow, at your work-desk, on your wall, hanging in your car or in whatever manner you feel the need. But, only be aware that these beads are going to connect you to the greatest power that is there to protect you.  There is a Mother given us no matter who we are and what faith we belong to, or whether we hold any institutional faith or not. We all have the freedom to worship God in our own way (or choose which religion we want to belong to).

So, The power of the beads that we bring before you is not coming from the beads factory, but from a powerful source.You don’t need to hold on to a particular belief or belong to a faith group in order to accept her motherly care. She is given the task to be the mother of all no matter who you are.

You may like to connect it to your earthly mother, but not all earthly mothers are good and that we can have a good loving memory of them. But whether you wish to relate this heavenly mother to your earthly mother or not, she is the one who took the utmost care of her child and is there to take care of us too. She has been appearing throughout the world to comfort us and guide us in multiple places and times.
She loves when you feel that no one else does. She encourages you when you feel like giving up. She loves you. She knows you. And she is your mother.  She is yours as well as ours.

We will choose to worship God and seek God in our own ways, sometimes through the established faith groups or faith institutions, or sometimes through our own personal way of life.

We are not here to make you embrace a particular religion. But we are here to give you one thing - and that is, a protection to provide you for your daily life - a protection that is given to all of us and is proven to have helped many to fight against all the evil and anything that is bad happening in and around us.
Open your heart to her and she will give her heart to you. When things don’t turn out the way you plan, she is there.

"Here is Your Mother..."

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