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When we go to the store and when we glance over the vegetable
and fruit department, we will find people who are choosing.
What are they choosing? The good ones? The bad ones?
Where does the thinking of the “good” or the “bad” come from?
Do you think that there exists some “measuring scale” within us
which cannot be described or explained?
Let's think about our marriage, our family, and/or our friends – there are things that we define as good or bad. When we drive on the streets, we see something and immediately, we classify it as good or bad.

In our field of work, we experience that there are some who are immensely good and there are some who may not be as good in their intentions, and they may do anything or everything just to please people, or maybe their employer.

In the political field, we may realize that there are those who are good who may like to bring something good in their country, town or city as well as those who are bad who may only be doing the opposite.
Some would not know that they are bad, while others may observe those who are constantly trying to bring about bad in the world. And this list goes on and on. But, all of this good and bad do not just stand alone by themselves, in and through themselves, but there is a huge energy behind all of it. To fight against all this negative and bad energy, we cannot do so solely with our human body or with our physical strength. Since our physical body in its limitations would always run short to fight against such bad or negative energy.

We need the invisible, divine and unseen power to fight against all such negative energy (or what others may call "evil".).
 So, The power of the beads that we bring before you is not coming from the beads factory, but from a powerful source.
This powerful source is given to us by our Mother to tenderly take care of us and to protect us. Even if we are not used to it or even if it is hard to believe, she is there for us no matter what our thoughts or beliefs may be. We can count on her at all times.
 You don’t need to hold on to a particular belief or faith group in order to accept her motherly care. She is given the task to be the mother of all no matter which group you belong to.

We just need to place our trust in her, and she will make our hopes come to fruition. 
Sometimes, the battle is not only external, but it can also be internal. We may also be struggling through some inner doubts, confusions, or lies that we tell ourselves, which may not be true and which may only bring us down or keep us guilty before our own real self. What is the tool that will help us to fight through these inner doubts, lies, or confusions?  What is the secret tool or the powerful weapon that makes us invincible amidst all the fears or amidst the problems that are not only outside of us, but also inside us?
That is what these beads are here for. These beads are there to help you to have those brave, tough, moments in your life without any confusion. You can hold these beads, you can put them in your pockets, or to fight any bad dreams, you can even hang them up in your bedroom or in your car. But they are there for you to protect you.
Whether it is from thoughts of fear, whenever you feel inferior, unworthy, or “not good enough”, these beads are there to make you feel positive again. Just hold them with faith and trust, and you will be on the path of feeling better again.

When you keep these beads close to you, you will tap the positive power that will start emanating from them. You can be courageous again. And you will be braver than you have ever been before.

"Here is Your Mother..."

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